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              關于舉辦“Water Management Strategies to Adapt Semi-arid Irrigated Cropping Systems to Drought”學術報告的通知

              上傳時間:  2019-09-28      瀏覽次數:  

                報告題目:Water Management Strategies to Adapt Semi-arid Irrigated Cropping Systems to Drought

                報 告 人:Neil C. Hansen教授

                邀 請 人:胡笑濤教授




                Dr. Neil Hansen is a Professor at Brigham Young University with specialization in sustainable use of soil and water resources in both dryland and irrigated crop production systems. Dr. Hansen earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Brigham Young University and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Minnesota. He evaluates how management of soil and plant systems influences water resources. This theme has led to work in a variety of agroecosystems including dryland, irrigated, and rainfed croplands. The majority of his research is conducted at multiple sites over multiple years at a field scale with an emphasis on improving crop water productivity and surface water quality in agricultural watersheds. He serves as an Associate Editor for Soil Science Society of America journal. He has published 52 Peer review journal articles, with Google scholar total citations of 958 and h-index of 17. He has been PI or co-PI on competitive research grants totaling $3.4 million, with direct spending authority as PI of $1.4 million. He owns experience in teaching and advising undergraduate and graduate courses at three universities.